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Trade Info:
Member Since: 5/6/2010
Last Login: 3/25/2017
Trades Last Updated: 3/25/2017

Open Trades: 3
Active Trades: 1
Completed Trades: 10

Bad Trades:

Trade List

Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures
Dangerous Delves
13 Cyclops Crusher
32 Orc Terrorblade
Legendary Evils
18 Foulspawn Mangler
19 Foulspawn Seer
Savage Encounters
5 Bloodspike Behemoth
37 Tiefling Necromancer

Want List

Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures
14 Archmage
49 Vargouille x2
Beholder Collector's Set
3 Beholder Eye Tyrant x2
Dangerous Delves
11 Chain Devil x2
17 Dragonblade Ninja x2
32 Beholder
Desert of Desolation
20 Gelatinous Cube
50 Fire Archon x2
Dungeons of Dread
20 Vrock x3
21 Ascendant Hellsword
56 Giant Centipede x2

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