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Member Since: 7/15/2009
Last Login: 2/21/2021
Trades Last Updated: 2/21/2021

Open Trades: 1
Active Trades: 0
Completed Trades: 0

Good Trades:
Bad Trades:

Trade List

Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures
Against the Giants
5 Gnaw Demon
27 Orc Zombie
38 Shifter Claw Adept
11 Catfolk

Want List

Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures
Dangerous Delves
28 Kruthik Young x2
Dungeon Command: Blood of Gruumsh
Boar x2
Dungeon Command: Tyranny of Goblins
Wolf x2
2 Colossal Red Dragon
Lords of Madness
28 Manshoon
29 Mephistopheles, Lord of Cania

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